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Judo : The Gentle Way

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School is BJA Judo Club Number 2075, The British Judo Association which is supported by:

Mid Sussex Martial Arts Judo School hold a Bronze Award for Club Mark from the The British Judo Association.

Junior & Youth Judo at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School

The Junior Judo Group at MSMAS is currently home to:

  • Junior Boys
  • BJA National Judo Champion
  • BJA Sussex County Champion
  • 5 x BJA Sussex County Medallists
  • BSJA National Judo Champion
  • 3 x BSJA National Judo Medallists
  • Junior Girls
  • 2 x BJA Sussex County Champion
  • 3 x BJA Sussex County Medallist
  • BSJA National Judo Medallist

At the 2008 Sussex County Trials, just 13 Junior Judo Players from our School were still able to secure 2nd place overall in Sussex County, competing against specialist ‘competitive & sports’ Judo Clubs from across Sussex. This followed our 100% Medal success at The British School’s National Individuals where all our Players medalled at this National Event.

These results only go to affirm our belief that the traditional Martial Arts training, that has always been offered at our School, underpins the longevity of our success over the past 20 years.

Over the years many, many Juniors who have entered The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School’s Judo programme as complete Novices have gone onto represent their County, their Region and in some cases Great Britain, competing both Nationally and Internationally.

At The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School we also believe that Judo is the ideal starter Martial Art for youngsters and we have a history of teaching children Judo in Sussex dating back to the late 1980’s.

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School also fully subscribes all aspects of the Child Protection Act. Nationally, Roger Payne of The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School has been enlisted by the British Judo Association, the National Governing Body for Judo as a ‘Responsible Official’, to assist in the documentation verification of other BJA Judo Coaches in Sussex. BJA Child Policy Document

Adult Judo at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School

The Adult Judo Group at MSMAS is currently home to:

  • Senior Men
  • 2008 Great Britain Heavyweight Masters Champion
  • BJA British Ranking Medallist
  • BJA Southern Regional Champion
  • BJA Sussex County Champion
  • 3 x BJA Sussex County Medallists
  • Senior Ladies
  • 2009 Great Britain U20 Squad Member
  • 2008 World Masters Medallist
  • BJA British Masters Judo Champion
  • BJA GB British Masters Squad Member
  • 2 x BJA Sussex County Champions
  • 2 x BJA Sussex County Medallists

Seniors must be 16 years or over, although there is no upper age limit and all begin as Novices, training at our Honbu Dojo in Scaynes Hill near Haywards Heath.

At the Mid Sussex Martial Arts School the emphasis is still on Judo as a Martial Art.

“ Contest success is simply a by-product of training, never the point of it. ”

As an example, Minoru Mochizuki who began Judo in 1912 aged just 5, had the good fortune to study directly under Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, plus Kyuzo Mifune, the 10th Dan Judo great. At 19 he joined the Kodokan and in less than 2 years was ranked SanDan (3rd Dan), an outstanding achievement at age just 21.

Jigoro Kano then told him:

“You have the makings of a leader, in the future you will be a top Teacher here at the Kodokan.”

Kano asked Mochizuki to report to him once a month concerning his training progress, so to guide him concerning the true purpose of Judo and the pitfalls of sports. This led to a series of meetings at which the philosophically oriented creator of Judo attempted to stimulate the mind of the young Mochizuki who, at that time, could only think of winning tournaments.

As a direct student of the founder of Judo, Mochizuki Sensei, then aged 23, made this perceptive observation in 1930, but still very apt today:

“One situation leading to delinquency involves a young person dropping out of his group of friends on a sports team. Some coaches are only interested in training team members in the question of winning and losing. They pay no attention to those who drop out because they are only interested in winning. In sports there is no place for the weaker or the less competent. Personally, I would rather see various sports transformed into Martial Arts, so that they become more concerned with spiritual development and the prevention of bad behaviour. They should be more concerned with developing young people who are no trouble to their parents, who get along well with their siblings, and with promoting good relations between husbands and wives.”

Thus, at The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School, we try to avoid wherever possible, referring to Judo as a Sport. We still view Judo as the Founder Jigoro Kano intended it, a Martial Art, suitable for all. However, even with that outlook, we have still enjoyed tremendous Competition success over the years. Indeed many of our Players have represented not only County, Region but indeed their Country, plus even Medal success at Commonwealth level. As such, we are now happy to leave to those who view Judo simply as a sport, focused only on the next Tournament, whilst we still hold firm to the original precepts which have stood the test of time over the years.

Some comments from others:

“I stated a number of years ago, your technical ability and discipline is by far the finest I have witnessed in my 36 years in Judo.
This is also reflected through your students”

Graham Turner (Commonwealth Games Judo Referee)

“Duncan and I were pleased with the turn out and were impressed with your pupils enthusiasm and willingness to join in.
We really like the traditions that your School upholds and the respect your students have for the Martial Arts they study.”

Maclean brothers (BJA Sussex County Coaches).

“I would like to reiterate how impressed I was with the standard of Judo, Dojo discipline and etiquette at MSMAS.
It is evident to me that the Judoka at MSMAS are getting their guidance from a genuine Sensei rather than an IJF Rule Book.”

Dr Llyr Jones (BJA Kata Examiner).

“Firstly, a huge, huge, thank-you to all involved at MSMAS, who provided us with the greatest gifts possible experiences and memories.
These will last with us forever. It was a fantastic learning experience for all members who attended.”

Honto Judo Dojo (Cardiff)

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