Mid Sussex martial arts school

Tenshin Kan Dojo

Now in our 3rd decade of training in the Martial Arts of Japan, The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School (MSMAS), is probably now one of the oldest and most traditional mixed Martial Arts Centres in the UK today, know internationally as Tenshin Kan UK Dojo.

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School was originally founded in the late 1980’s as a not for profit Mixed Martial Arts School, and today is still located just outside of Haywards Heath, in the very heart of the Mid Sussex countryside.

Training takes place in our very own traditional and permanent Dojo (Training Hall), converted by hand by some of the Founder’s original Students as their own unpaid contribution to the Dojo, today professionally Health & Safety Assessed, offering two fully matted areas, plus ample free car parking.

Regular Sessions of Judo (separate Sessions operate for both Juniors & Youth/Seniors), Traditional Aikido, Iaido & Kendo are held throughout the week, also at weekends.

All ages and abilities are welcome to try FREE no obligation Trial Sessions to experience any of our Martial Arts, in a safe and relaxed environment, with no pressure, under the careful guidance of one of our many instructors.

The School has both full Child Protection & Equity Policy in place, two appointed Welfare Officers, is an approved Leisure Provider to the West Sussex County Council Children & Young Peoples Services, and operates Judo within the British Judo Association.

MSMAS Judo has also received the prestigious Sport England Club Mark Bronze Award from the British Judo Association for excellence.

MSMAS is home Dojo of Official UK Representative (Daihyo), Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division, Kyoto, Japan. Dai Nippon Butoku Kai is an ancient and prestigious Martial Arts Society, presided over today by His Royal Highness, Sosai, Higashi Fushimi, Jigo, the Chief Abbot of Shorenin Temple and brother to late Empress Kotaigo of Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

The Videos spooling on this page show just some of the activities at the School, not only in our own Dojo, but also at events, both national & international.