Contact Information

Dojo: 01444 318422

Office: 01825 791703

Joining The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School

Our School is open to everyone; young or old, experienced or complete Novice.

Parents should be aware that we only offer Judo to our Juniors (Under 16 yrs), as we restrict all our other Arts to Seniors only

It should also be noted that The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School trains within strict Japanese style guidelines and is not a place that puts competition sports success as the only criteria by which our many students success and progress is measured. In fact, we try to avoid the use of the word sport whenever possible.

Having said that, we cannot hide the fact that over the last 20 years or so we have enjoyed enormous success in all levels of Judo competition, with many of our Judo Students, both past and present, winning places in BJA Judo Teams & Squads at County, Regional & International level, in some cases representing Great Britain in Tournaments both at home & abroad.